Paula Fugaro Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
From The Desk Of: Paula Fugaro

Dear Internet Marketer,

Forgive me for being so blunt, but I'd like to ask you a pretty personal question.

Are you making any money with your online business?

If the answer is yes, then Click Here to skip down to the good stuff.


Still here?   Then I guess your answer is "No".

So tell me then, what's stopping you from making money online?

Is it that you don't know how? Or you're not sure where to start? Or don't have anything to sell?

If you've been around the internet marketing world for any length of time, then you've probably figured out by now, if you're being honest with yourself, that the biggest hindrance to your success is actually YOU.

Yep. You.

I know it's true, because it's been true for me too.

The fact of the matter is that there is sooo much information available about internet marketing that the only thing really stopping us is our failure to ACT, usually because we just don't BELIEVE that we can really succeed.

Well, let me challenge you today.

I've put together a package here that's going to give you everything you need to make money online. Now I won't claim that it's the super duper bestest package ever conceived of in whole internet marketing universe. But I will promise you that you'll have everything you need here to make it work... and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. :)

But you will have to BELIEVE and ACT!

So let's get started...

I've got an awesome deal for you — for a limited time only.

And of course, first movers get the BEST DEAL of all :)

But, more on that later...

Right now let me show you what you'll be getting. It starts with a colossal package of 126 eBooks in 18 different niches!

126 Niche eBooks

Health And Fitness (11 books)
The Advantages Of Being A Vegetarian Body Detox Made Easy How To Burn Calories And Stay Fit Forever
Complete Body Fitness Diet And Weight Loss How To Lose Weight With The Right Food
Massage Therapy For Complete Body Relaxation How To Maximize The Power Of Yoga Pilates And Complete Body Fitness
How To Train Yourself For Soccer Ultimate Body-Building And Fitness


Medical Ailments (18 books)
How To Lower Your Cholesterol Understanding Diabetes And Glycemic Index Understanding And Treating Bipolar Disorder
Understanding And Treating ADHD Understanding And Treating Autism How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders
How To Win Your War Against Bronchitis How To Win Your War Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome How To Win Your War Against Back Pain
How To Win Your War Against Allergies How To Win Your War Against Depression How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath
How To Win Your War Against Snoring And Sleep Apnea How To Win Your War Against Stress How To Win Your War Against Insomnia And Sleep Disorders
Hearing Aids Inside Out Anti-Aging And Skin Care Made Easy How To Win Your War Against Acne


Self Development (13 books)
How To Attract Anything You Want In Life How To Become A Successful Public Speaker How To Boost Your Memory Power
How To Boost Your Self Esteem How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life How To Win Develop Your Power Of Concentration
How To Effectively Control Your Anger How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager How To Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life
How To Overcome Procrastination Positive Attitude For Unlimited Success Quit Smoking Today
Self Improvement Made Easy


Not done yet...


Parenting (8 books)
Understanding Pregnancy How To Have A Roaringly Successful Baby Shower Understanding Daycare
Understanding And Treating Baby Colic How To Take Care Of Your Baby's Health Adoption Made Easy
Single Parenting: Becoming The Best Parent For Your Child Parental Control: How To Check Your Kids


Relationships And Dating (4 books)
How To Date The Hottest Woment - Online And Offline Wedding Budget Made Easy Wedding Etiquette Made Easy
How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce


Home And Gardening (9 books)
How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro How To Set Up Your Own Home Theatre Home Automation Inside Out!
Gardening Made Easy Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden Your Garden: Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride
Greenhouse Maintenance How To Win Your War Against Termites How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs


Still more to go...


Outdoors (11 books)
How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro How To Become A Fly Fishing Pro Fishing Mastery!
How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience How To Have An Unforgettable Camping Vacation Hunting Mastery!
Golf Gift Ideas Golf For Seniors Understanding And Enjoying Golf
Lawn Tennis Explained Snowboarding Fun!


Security And Survival (4 books)
Home Security Made Easy Identity Theft - Don't Be The Next Victim! Keep Your PC Safe From Viruses And Data Loss
How To Survive Any Natural Calamity


Pets (4 books)
Aquarium Care Made Easy How To Take Great Care Of Your Pet Iguana Dog Diet: The Right Food For Your Dog
How To Take Care Of Your Dog's Health


Autos (3 books)
Auto Sound Systems Made Easy Buying And Maintaining A Car Made Easy GPS Made Easy


I told you there were 126. Keep going...


Personal Finance And Taxes (6 books)
Family Budget... Demystified! Health Insurance And Health Savings Account Made Easy How To Achieve A Better Credit Score
Online Stock Trading Made Easy How To Sell Real Estate For Profits Taxes Made Easy


Senior And Elder Care (3 books)
All About Baby Boomers How To Take Great Care Of Elders Retirement Planning For The Golden Years


Jobs And Career (2 books)
Career Planning Made Easy How To Ace Any Job Interview


Education (3 books)
Online Education Made Easy How To Successfully Home School Your Child Understanding Scholarships


Moving And Travel (3 books)
Relocation Made Easy How To Have An Unforgettable Cruise Vacation How To Get Most Out Of Your Timeshares


Cooking And Dining (2 books)
Cooking Mastery Wines And Spirits Inside Out!


Just a little bit more...


Fun Activities For Kids (4 books)
Backyard Ideas For Fun And Frolic Remote Control Cars Inside Out How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts
ATV Made Easy


Miscellaneous (18 books)
How To Become An Expert At Sudoku How To Become A Bee-Keeping Pro Candle Making Made Easy
Digital Photography Inside Out How To Create Great Gift Baskets Fun With Telescopes
How To Play And Enjoy Hunting Video Games Understanding And Mastering The Art Of Coin Collecting How To Become A Gambling Pro
Lean Manufacturing Principles Made Easy Energy Conservation And Alternative Fuel Maximizing The Performance Of Your iPod
Scrapbooking Made Easy How To Successfully Plan And Organize An Event How To Uncover Your Geneology
Understanding The Basics Of Film-Making Understanding The Basics Of Quilting Perfumes! Understanding, Buying And Making Perfumes


Whew! I don't know about you, but I got tired just reading all of that!

But wait a minute. What's that you said? ...

I hear you.

Now that you've got all these great eBooks to sell, you're going to need a website to sell it from? Well, of course you do!

So here are 5 awesome minisites you can use...

Watch This Video And See What Is Included In The

"5 MiniSite Templates Package"

See real, live sample for each of MiniSite Template
:: Sample 001 :: Sample 002 :: Sample 003 :: Sample 004 :: Sample 005 ::
(*order buttons are removed for security)

The 5 MiniSite Templates package includes:

  • 5 Pre-designed minisite, html/optimized templates;

  • for each of minisite sets we added blank 'header and footer files' in jpg format that may be easily edited in any free image software;

  • each minisite template has its own predesigned 6 cool order/buy now buttons;

  • each minisite has its own matching eBook templates;

  • the package includes Photoshp Action Scripts from which you can create 3 different eBook graphics in just 2 easy steps

This awesome 5 Minisite Templates package sells here for $19.97 with Personal Use rights. But today, if you're one of the first 10 customers, you'll get this entire firesale package for less... AND you get much more than just personal use rights to these templates.

You get Master Resale Private Label Rights to the 5 Minisite Templates:

[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be used for web templates / mini sites of your own
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be packaged into an ebook or new product
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be added to "Dime Sales, Auction sites or $.99 Auctions
[NO] Can be given away


But (as they say in the infomercials) that's not all!

This awesome Firesale Offer also includes this great package...

Niche Header Templates - Vol. 1

Niche Header Templates - Volume One

Here's what you'll get...
  • 15 exquisite website headers for 11 niches
  • 15 matching footer templates
  • Both JPG and PSD graphic files!

These beautiful Niche Header Templates sell here for $27 and come with full Master Resale Rights!

[YES] Can be sold on Ebay or other auctions
[YES] Can sell any of the templates on a dimesale
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product or package
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
Offer this product for your customers' personal purposes only
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites

And to make it even easier for you to actually USE these great Niche Headers, I've created a website template that you can simply plug the graphic files into by following just 5 simple steps!

I created this website template exclusively for you - available ONLY through this firesale.



But we're still not done yet.

Just in case you're completely new to internet marketing, I'm also including this comprehensive resource for you...

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Internet Marketing

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Internet Marketing

Look at just a fraction of what Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Internet Marketing [But Never Dared To Ask] covers:

  • The core of Internet marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing, how it really works and why some people love it.

  • The ins and outs of product creation.

  • Earning with contextual advertising.

  • Market research and its value

  • Traffic: Types and strategies to get it.

  • Copywriting:  Why words matter so much in IM and how to use them.

  • How email marketing works and why it remains so popular.

  • Time management for IM success.

And much, much, much, more...

It features "case study" examples that provide you with a look at how these various concepts can fit together to produce amazing results.

There are a million and one Internet marketing products out there, but most of them are just going to provide you with another box of puzzle pieces.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Internet Marketing [But Never Dared To Ask] is going to actually put them together for you.


*** JUST ADDED ***

The Niche Master Vault

The Niche Master Vault

  • Over 200 ready-to-sell niche products with Master Resale Rights.

  • Skip product development altogether and sky-rocket into the profits zone in the next couple of hours.

  • Get ready-to-go sales letter and graphics with many of the products, making selling them a breeze.

  • Access to The Niche Master Vault normally sells for $47. As a Firesale customer, you get in FREE !


With our huge collection, almost every profitable hot niche imaginable is covered, including:

  • Crafts,
  • Education,
  • Foreign Languages,
  • Food, Drinks & Recipes,
  • Finance,
  • Health and Fitness,
  • Hobbies,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Dating & Relationship,
  • and many more

Want A Quick Peak At What's Inside The Niche Master Vault ?

Here's details of just the first 10 products included in this huge collection...


   Product 1 : Holiday Plus Holiday Planning Software

"Plan Your Trips With Ease And Get The Very Most Out Of Your Holidays With This Quick And Easy Planner System"

Target the hot travel and holiday market with quick and easy planner software.

This niche software comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics - and carries a recommended price of $17.



   Product 2 : The Weight Loss Primer Report

"How to prepare your body for exercise"

  What you need to do regarding exercise
  What you need to know about nutrition
  Seven strategies for Weight Loss

Includes an integrated Total Body Exercise Workout Program with detailed animations showing you each exercise.

This guide comes complete with ready-made sales letter and graphics - and carries a recommended price of $7.95.


   Product 3 : Pet Medical Recorder Software

"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Keep Track Of All Your Pets Important Medical And Treatment Records"

Target the huge number of pet owners with this handy software tool.

This niche software comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and a built-in bonus of 200 cat and dog treat recipes. It carries a recommended price of $9.95.



   Product 4 : Stop Your Depression Now!

How to Stop Your Depression Now!
Reclaim Yourself and Live Again"

Depression is a growing epidemic, but it never gets the urgent attention it deserves. Now you can offer sufferers help in the form of this detailed guide.

This niche product comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and carries a recommended price of $17.



   Product 5 : Understanding PC Hardware Ebook

"Here's a quick and easy way to learn all about the components that make up a PC and how to select new components and peripherals that suit your needs and budget"

Everyone on the Internet has a PC, but most haven't a clue how they work - or more importantly how to upgrade them without getting ripped off. Now You can target this huge potential market with this detailed guide.

This niche ebook comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and carries a recommended price of $9.97.



   Product 6 : Family Finance Planner Software

"How You Can Easily Keep On Top Of Your Finances, Keep Your Bank Manager Off Your Back And Work Out How To Finally Afford That Car Or Holiday That You've Always Wanted!"

Almost everyone has trouble keeping track of their finances. Now You can target this huge market with this powerful software tool.

This niche software comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics. It carries a recommended price of $17.


   Product 7 : Lucid Dreaming Ebook

"Now You Can Learn The Secrets Of Lucid Dreaming"

One of the more specialized products in our huge collection, this ready-to-sell guide was created from "Public Domain" information. It targets those interested in learning more about dreams - something that affects us all, but which most of us just take for granted.

This guide comes complete with ready-made graphics - and carries a recommended price of $19.95.



   Product 8 : Your Own Interior Design Business

"How to Start Your own Interior Designing Business"

Lots of people are looking on the Internet for ideas on how to setup their own home business, but many of them don't actually want to run an Internet business themselves. This is one of many guides in the collection providing ideas and guidance on offline businesses.

This niche product comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and carries a recommended price of $37.


   Product 9 : Introduction To Yoga Techniques

"Discover the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga that millions of people are already using!"

  Develop a fit and beautiful body
  Boost your energy and vitality
  Reduce stress

This complete niche yoga package comes complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and carries a recommended price of $17.



   Product 10 : It's Party Time Party Planner Software

"Plan Your Parties The Easy Way"

How many people do you know who hold parties? Now you can target this massive market with a useful software tool, supplied complete with over 800 mouthwatering desert recipes to help make any party a huge success.

This niche product come complete with its own ready-made sales letter and graphics and carries a recommended price of $9.97.


This Small Sampling alone is worth many times the cost
ofthe Vault and yet it is Less Than 5% of
the Products Included in this Massive Collection.

* See the full list of Niche Master Vault products HERE.


So No More Excuses!


But of course, you know we're not done yet, don't you? No way!

We've still got...


Bonus # 1
Niche Profit Formula Niche Profit Formula
with Audio MP3 included

Here's The Easiest Step-by-Step Process For Finding, Creating and Selling Your Own Auto-Pilot Niche Products So You Can Make A Fortune On The Internet!

You can literally setup a web site in a niche market and have it run on autopilot, raking in thousands of dollars each month in just a few days. It is possible!
Bonus # 2
Niche Navigator Niche Navigator
with full Master Resale Rights

With the Wrong Niche All Your Effort is Wasted So You Better Listen Up!

Invest your time into finding worthwhile niches, not spending all night writing articles for one sale a week!

Niche Navigator sells for $27 here, but you get it FREE today when you order this awesome firesale package!
Bonus # 3
EZ Expert Sales Graphics EZ Expert Sales Graphics
with Unrestricted Private Label Rights

Get some awesome Sales Graphics that can really spice up your web pages!
  • 20 Brightly-Colored Arrows: 3 Sizes, With & Without Shadows.
  • 30-, 60- and 90-Day Money Back Guarantee Badges in ten (10) cool colors.
  • 36 Act Now, Buy Now, Download Now, Join Now, Order Now, Register Now, Sign Up Now, Start Now and Subscribe Now Buttons.
Bonus # 2
Niche Graphic Gems Niche Graphic Gems

Discover how to effectively use Graphics in Website Design, as well as the Benefits of Redesigning Resell Rights Products.
  • Learn why you need Graphics to Atract Attention to your website.
  • Find out how to Increase Your Website's Credibility.
  • Discover what things you must consider about your Website Audience.
  • Get the Quick and Easy Tips for Effectively Using Grahics on your website.
Bonus # 1
10 Graphic Design Mistakes 10 Graphic Design Mistakes
by Design Dashboard

This informative Special Report reveals how to avoid the Top 10 Mistakes in Landing Pages, Mini Sites, Affilate Pre-Sell Pages and Sales Pages.

Not only will you learn what the Top 10 Web Design Mistakes actually are, but you'll also see exactly how these can be corrected through Case Studies on 5 Actual Sites.
Bonus # 1
Get It Free By Referring Others

That's right, when you buy this Firesale Offer today, you'll be automatically enrolled in our 50% Commission Affiliate Program. So you can get back the cost of the package (or more) just by referring 2 customers!


So now we come down to the bottom line. (You're really going to like this...) How much are you going to have to pay to get your hands on this tremendous package?

Remember now, here's what you'll be getting

  • 126 Niche eBooks with Master Resale Rights.

  • 5 MiniSite Templates with Master Resale Private Label Rights and the 3 eBook Action Scripts.

  • Niche Header Templates with Master Resale Rights and your own website template written exclusively for this template package.

  • comprehensive "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Internet Marketing" eBook to show you how to market online - even if you're a rank beginner.

PLUS your 6 great bonuses!

  • Niche Profit Formula eBook with Audio MP3 included.

  • Niche Navigator eBook with Master Resale Rights.

  • EZ Expert Sales Graphics package with Unrestricted Private Label Rights.

  • Niche Graphic Gems eBook to teach you how to used graphics effectivley on your websites to boost sales.

  • 10 Graphic Design Mistakes eBook to help you avoid web design pitfalls.

  • Automatic entry into our 50% commission Affiliate Program.


All of this can be yours for as little as  $17 


Here's how it breaks down...

First 10 orders $17
Next 15 orders $22
Next 25 orders $27
Next 50 orders $37
Next 100 orders $47


So don't delay!

Place your order now before someone else takes YOUR lower price.

Just click on the order button below.

Sorry :(   The Firesale has ended.


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And of course, to prove to you that you have nothing to lose. I'll give you a full 60 days to download all of your products and try them out for yourself. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact me at our Help Desk and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked!



Remember, the earliest birds get the best deal, so don't delay. Order today!

Here's to YOUR eMarketing Success!

P.S. Why are you still reading?   Time's a'wasting.   Go back up and Order Now!




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